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Diezel Columbus midi-footswitch
The ideal HERBERT footcontroller

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The HERBERT has 3 different, perfectly independent preamps, which permit it to tweak the sound for all possible music styles. The HERBERT delivers easily from clean to crunsh to ultra gain sounds without much impact to the volume of the amp. The basic concept is to get all possible sounds at minimum tweaking trouble, without compromises.
The EQs in general have a very high effective range, therefore little tweaking results in very effective sound changes. As starting point we recommend to place the tone controls on 12.00, in order to get your sound with a few quick changes of the knobs...

The power amp covers everyone's desires; 180 Watts from six power tubes, 6L6, EL34, 5881, 6550 or others; they can even be combined! The interaction from input - and output stage guarantees an absolutely clean and enormously dynamic sound spectrum.
Not to forget all technical features from Midi to switchable FX-loops, switchable second master volume, mid cut for all three channels and so on!
Test it, it's awesome!

... by the way, this amp looks terrific on stage...

Pre Amp: Feat. 3 completely independent channels
  EQ gain, treble, mid, bass, volume per channel
add. gain switch on Channel 2
switchable mid. cut with adjustable volume
  Tubes 12AX7
Power Amp: Power 180 Watt
  Tubes 6 x 6L6 or alternate type
  Master Section 2 x volume / presence, deep, FX – return MX
  Speaker - Out 4,8,16 Ohm
FX – Loops:   1 paralell, 1 insert loops, 1 switchable insert loop
midi in & thru / phantom - power
Finish:   black, front silver, blue LEDs
  Dimensions 74.0 x 29.0 x 28 cm
  Weight 27 kg
Standard Price (CH)   CHF 3750.00.-- (incl.VAT)